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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Make Money by Answering Questions With Video

Can you answer me some questions? Well, if you are good in answering questions then you can make money answering questions.

Vinswer is website where you can answer question via live video chat.

How It Works?

1. Pick a topic you’re expert on
2. Embed the widget in to your website and go online
3. Connect via live video chat for cash!

No installation needed and no account required.
Your users don’t need anything (besides a PayPal account or a credit card to pay you).

It’s completely free!
The use of Vinswer can only bring benefits. Everyone has valuable skills and knowledge to teach!

Embed the widget into your site or blog and promote your expertise for money.

People can see the widget on your site and arrange meeting with you if you are not available at the time.

Make money for your expertise

When a user calls you, you can decide whether to accept. Once accepted, the video chat session will begin.

After the ‘free minutes’ (you can chose how between 1 and 3) users will pay you using their credit/debit card or PayPal account.

At the end of the call, users can leave you feedback. You can exchange files during the session and will soon be able to share your desktop.

After 14 days you will find the payment from your user in your PayPal account. You earn 80% of the total amount less the PayPal expenses.

You can manage and edit your video-answers anytime by logging into the Vinswer website. There, you can also add new answers, manage your revenues and credits, and manage messages from your users.

This is amazing opportunity, since you will save a lots of time and energy that you would spend writing answers on some other sites.Video is much more educational and more valuable, person that looks for answers will learn faster too.image credit:


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