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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Sell Textbooks and Make Money Faster Then Ever

If you want to to sell textbooks and make money faster then ever,keep reading.

It all starts with the Idea to solve our personal problems and difficulties, to make our life easier we create things.

Well, that’s how the Chegg is created, the website where you can rent, buy and sell your textbooks, keep reading and find out how to make money online selling your textbooks. Why throwing all, or some of your textbooks, when you can sell them and turn it into the profit, Chegg will help you to sell your textbooks for cash.

About The Website

Chegg, an online textbook rental company, was inspired by Osman Rashid and Aayush Phumbhra’s frustration with the policies and procedures of their own universitys bookstore. Osman and Aayush knew there had to be a better solution, one that worked for students, professors and publishers alike.

Chegg was launched at Iowa State University in 2005. In fall 2007, Chegg introduced their revolutionary textbook rental service. Chegg now offers its services to more than 6,400 universities and community colleges across the country.

Chegg lets students rent as many textbooks as they like with just a few clicks.

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Sell textbooks for cash and Make Money

Make some money back this semester by selling your textbooks with Chegg’s buyback program. They’ll pay top dollar for your books, sell them now.

They explain everything in couple of sentences:

“At Chegg, we know how expensive college textbooks can be. That’s why we give students the option to rent textbooks, as well as buy both new and used textbooks. Chegg also lets you sell textbooks directly to us, and we’ll pay top dollar for your books.

In addition to textbook rentals and selling textbooks, Chegg now offers course reviews and grade distributions as well as homework help for all your courses. Chegg is and always will be dedicated to making your college experience better”.

Isn’t this amazing, for all of you that didn’t knew about the website, I can say that it’s really easy to make money fast.

Get a quote, ship your books and get paid, earn extra cash on the side, and the best thing is that you will help next generation with something you had problems finding.


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