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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Make Money Online World and Google



As some of you may heard, the Google changed its algorithm and “improved they search results”.

Now, when you search the particular topic, you will get fresh news, yes you heard me well.

Google announced that new search results will be changed and full of new content.  Not the one that is old and is hanging online since 2005/06.

Supposedly, if your website or blog is not updated regularly, you will loose your search rankings.

They also announced that 35% of websites are caught with these changes( one site per page results).

I don’t know what to say to you right now really, as you can see my content is fresh and I write couple of articles a week.

Changes In Algorithm, Good Or Bad?

But what about those guys that wrote amazing and helpfull articles 2 or 3 years ago.

What about them, did they deserved to loose they traffic after so many people found help in their posts.

After time and dedication, Google will just throw them like an old toy, well I think this is going to influence and change a web as we know it upside down.

Now many of those scam and affiliate software will create articles based on some “article writing algorithm” I don’t know is that even the right expression, but i heard about it somewhere, and that’s for the another post.

But the content that we are going to experience in year or two is going to be full of spam and uselles articles.

Because many will write just about anything just to stay fresh and gain higher google rankings.

And people are smart, they will find the way to hide it from Google, they will have their articles created by software and Internet will be filled with them.

While the real webmsters and bloggers will loose rankings, because one normal person can’t write a tons of articles each day.

The real, inspiring and helpful articles are created after some research and knowledge and not by some software.

Maybe Google will rely more on social media signs, like tweets, likes and their own Google plus one (+1)  to find out the real content, created by the real authors.

Like that’s is going to help us (bloggers,readers) like many of you know, their Google plus 1 is already been manipulated and many sites are selling Google plus 1 votes for their spam and sales websites.

I don’t have anything against selling and being affilate, I’ve been affiliate myself, but some people just don’t know how to be the right sales person and affiliate marketer and then they will do anything they can (bad things) to get some buyers or customers.

How Is This Going To Change Make Money Online World?

You are all intelligent enough that you already see the picture from the text above.

Can you remember the old days and make money online world?

When the opportunities were rare and good enough to make some real money, we had spam then too but somehow, it didn’t influenced us at all.

When the most common jobs were to be a webmaster or administrator of a trusty website or a blog.

Those were the days, when the time was spent to help people in making money online and to work from home.

But today, everyone wants everything right now and right here, and as you see, the Google also wants immediate results.

Today, opportunities are high too, but the number of spam, my God, it’s enormous, make money online world will loose the trust of many if we continue in this way. We need the change, and we need it to be created over the period, not for the day, week or month, like Google wants from us.

We don’t know from today’s Internet world, can we even trust one website or not, I can notice this on myself, I know many sites where you can earn money and i earned money on many of them. Even some of those sites gone with the wind, so you can imagine how Google is holding his grip even more harder then even, I don’t judge him. Just he needs to make more smarter moves not more faster ones or we will not be able to make any money online from home soon.

There you go, I wrote how making money online things were in late 90′s and early 2000′s, now lets see will Google make my search rankings lower because I talked about old times in their new search alghoritms.

Thank you for reading.



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