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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Light Bulb Moments and Yanik Silver’s Underground Online Seminar – Why I go every year

The Underground Online Seminar – Why it is the one MUST VISIT Internet Marketing Seminar

This March 1st, Yanik Silver will once again be hosting his famous Underground Online Seminar (Number Eight) in Washington DC. Every year Yanik invites over a dozen top internet marketers from around the world to speak about what makes them successful and how you can apply it to your own business. Only “catch” is, Yanik invites super successful ‘under the radar’ marketers that you most likely won’t have heard of, so the content is always fresh, unlike the majority of other events.

For the third year running, Yanik is giving 10 young internet entrepreneurs the opportunity to come for free, saving you the $2,000+ price tag. Scholarship winners also receive free bonuses and get plenty of opportunities to talk 1 on 1 with mega internet marketing stars.

I’ve been to 7 undergrounds, 6 in the US and I also went to the one he hosted in London UK. Instead of going to university, I have gone to the Underground Online Seminar every year since 2006. (UG2)

And boy, was that the right choice. At my first event, I had just turned 17 and was running a graphic design forum. My dad bought me a ticket so that I could go with him. This opened me up to a land of opportunities and ideas that I wouldn’t have got from going to school / college / university.

If I never went to the Underground Online Seminar each year, I doubt I’d be doing what I’m doing today. Literally, all my greatest ideas have come from this event. It could be a speaker telling the audience about how he monetizes his website, or it could be just from a conversation I had in a coffee shop with an attendee. (That was a BIG one!)

Last night I was thinking to myself, about just how unique and amazing this Young Entrepreneur scholarship opportunity is. I published a post a few weeks ago about the Scholarship Opportunity and already we have had some amazing applications but I want to get the word out even more – I know there are STARS that I have not even reached yet and it is those who I want applying for Scholarship Places.

Underground Young Entrepreneurs

To give you some examples of previous Star Scholarship winners, one of last years winners has actually been invited back by Yanik to speak at this years event — and another previous winner went on to do a Million Dollar Launch after attending Underground.

Do you think you could join them? – or do you know anyone who could? – then tell them to visit the Young Entrepreneurs Scholarship Online Application Page ASAP (applications close 25th January)

Look, for me, buying a Ticket to Underground has got to be just about one of my best business investment ever (Yanik wasn’t offering scholarships back in 2006) — so imagine the return for a Young Entrepreneur who wins a Scholarship.

If your 23 years or under, click here to submit an application for a scholarship! You have until 25th January

If your older than 24, Click Here To Secure Your Place! This is not an affiliate link, I could use one but honestly, I felt it more important to show how genuine I am about the importance of you coming to underground. If you go ahead and buy a ticket because of this post, shoot me an email and I’ll even take you out for a  steak when you are at Underground.

Frankly I could probably compile a list of a 100 Positive Things that have come out of me attending the Underground Online Seminar – but for expedience and because this is so darn important if you are serious about building a super online business, I am only going to list my three BIGGEST OUTCOMES as a result of attending The Underground Online Seminar.

(Actually as I write this I am almost scared to think how different my life would be if I had not gone to Yanik Silvers Underground Seminar)

3 World Famous Websites that the Underground Online Seminar inspired me to create:

1.  was one of my first big sites. I came up with it when I was at Underground UK. I was networking (one thing that the Underground Online Seminar is amazing for) and I was talking to this guy and he says “there really isn’t much out there for young people like you to learn about how to build a business”.

Light bulb moment!

By the end of the event I had wrote a full plan for launching a website targeted at young entrepreneurs. I came up with the name when I was at Underground. In the car, I was telling my dad about it, I remember our conversation like it was yesterday. He seemed genuinely impressed by the idea but made one suggestion. Instead of Retired, make it Retire.

As the story goes, I hire a 13 year old programmer I met on a forum and the site was born months later. This site has gone on to get millions of visitors and given me a platform to launch other blogs.


This very site would perhaps not exist if it wasn’t for Underground. Back at Underground 5 (2009), Yanik did his first scholarship for young entrepreneurs. I wasn’t really involved that year but being the same ages as the winners, we hanged out. I was sitting with Alex Maroko, David Leggett and Marshall Haas. David and I were helping Alex set up his first blog.

Underground Online Seminar Friends

David turns to me and says, give me your affiliate link for Hostgator, Aweber and GoDaddy. I made over $100 from doing nothing, just being at the right place at the right time.

David and I were talking about it and we came to the conclusion, that $100 was stupidly easy to make. I had recently bought the domain off someone and felt it was the perfect opportunity to launch my own free course, helping people just like Alex, start their first blog. Everytime someone did it, I earned big.

The very first month, IncomeDiary made over $5,000. Paying for my Underground ticket, travel and expenses.


Popup Domination exists because of the Underground Online Seminar. That is insane! Just think, the only thing between me creating such an awesome profitable product was me going to a seminar or not. If I had not gone, I don’t see how I would have created Popup Domination.

My friend was having a a conversation with someone who used popups on their website. He told him that they convert big time. I decided to add one to my site and after seeing the results for myself, decided to develop the product. 18 months on, it’s made well over $500,000 and is likely going to make it’s first million by the end of the year.

A million bucks because of an idea I got from listening to smart people talk at a seminar. Heck, I should listen more when people talk to me.

See you at Underground Online Seminar 8 in March!


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