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Thursday, August 23, 2012

11 Reasons Why My Blog Is Better Than Yours

Those who have visited my site for quite sometime would know that I love to reinvest into my business. The only way your going to build your site bigger and better is to work really hard and put money into it. In this post, I want to run over the things I find most important, things that make my blog stand out from the crowd and the things that help the site run so smoothly.

Here’s a list of 11 things that make my site better than most:

1. Buy The Perfect Domain

A domain name is the first thing people see when they come to your website. Actually they see it before they even come to your site, that’s why it’s so important.

Earlier this year when I start with my brother, I knew we had to get a good domain. The photography niche is very competitive and has a lot of people in it. One thing you will notice with all the top sites is they have great brandable domains. I started just typing domain ideas I like into my web browser and seeing if they had a site. The majority had, however when I got to ExpertPhotography it had a landing page at BuyDomains instead. BuyDomains is basically a brokering company that work on behalf of the owner to sell the domain. I contacted them and after some negotiating I bought the domain.

Great domains are not just the ones people see as an authority but also ones that hold a great brand. One thing I like to do with my domains is to make them describe what the site is about. Let me show you how this works.

  • – It’s about being an expert at photography.

  • – How to retire young.

  • – How to build awesome websites.

Here’s an example from one I came up with for a friend. He wanted to blog about outsourcing and so I came up with – it describes what the site is about in the domain, yet is short and catchy.

2. My Blog Design Is Amazing

Most new bloggers will use a premium WordPress theme, such as one from Woothemes. This is something I recommend, we did it with ExpertPhotography. However, after a while, when you start making money from your site and you want to take it to the next level, that’s when you get creative and design a site.

I’m not a designer, neither are you probably, so I would recommend you hire someone instead of yourself attempting to do it. My top tip for for creating great sites is looking at all your competitors, find out what they all do really well and put all those things together to make one really well done site.

IncomeDiary will always be a work in progress, every time I have a new idea, I get it implemented. Every time I see something isn’t working out, I get it removed.

3. I Have Guest Writers

Before I started getting people to write for me on IncomeDiary, I was publishing a post perhaps once a week, in some months I’d struggle to write just one post!

If you want to dominate in your industry, get other people to write for you. Before you do this though, I highly recommend you set high standards and pay your writers to make sure you deliver the best to your readers. Since applying this approach, we have been able to publish content nearly every day and over the last 6 months, quadrupled our traffic.

4. I Have My Own Product

If you constantly put out great free content, they will always want more. Create and sell your own eBook or course and those who want more will come and buy. This is a must have! I love promoting affiliate products but the one draw back is, your always helping another person out and that person is most likely your competitor. Having your own product means you keep everything and you get to improve your brand.

5. I Have a Mailing List

If your still not building a email list, then your leaving money on the table and your not getting as much traffic as you could get. The great thing about mailing lists is that every time you publish a blog post, you can let all those people who subscribed via email know about that new post. This brings thousands of people to my site every time I publish a post!

Try Popup Domination if you want to play ‘catch up!’

6. I Diversify My Income

If you rely on just one income stream for your website, then your not making as much money as you should! On average, you can make three times more money if you monetize your site in three different ways instead of one. There are only so many people who will pay for an advert on your site and only so much room to display ads. When I went from monetizing Retireat21 with just banner ads to diversifying my income with multiple techniques, I drastically increased my earnings.

Check out these 14 ways you can make money from your website.

7. I Have Great Hosting

I have used over a dozen hosting company’s since I started online. Always read reviews and ask friends before you get a host. The worse thing for me as a website owner is having my site offline. If you have seen The Social Network film about Facebook, your remember the scene when they talk about their server and how it can’t go offline because the second it does, people will start looking else where. The same applies for your blog, if your site is offline, people will look else where.

A few recommendations when choosing a host:

  • 24/7 Live Support! This way, if you have problems, you can always reach someone to help fix it.

  • A wide range of hosting offered, so as you build your online business, you can increase your hosting with little to no downtime.

  • 99.9999999 up time. If they have any track record of their servers going offline, I wouldn’t recommend you use them.

  • Have been around for a few years. Don’t ever go for a new company’s, this may sound mean but this is your business and you need to be sure that who you host with, will be responsible and will be sticking around.

I personally use HostGator to host IncomeDiary, I use one of their VPS’s (a type of server). It also hosts ExpertPhotography. So far, I have had very little problems with them, on the rare occasion the server goes offline, it’s always been my fault and my brother has been able to go into the live support and just ask them to reboot it.

The other day, ExpertPhotography was running slow, my brother went on their live support and asked why. They told him two wordpress plugins were slowing down the site. He removed the plugins and it went back to full speed. They help you. Personally, they are worth more to me, than I pay them.

Check out HostGator now.

8. I Have Popular Posts

This may sound like a small thing but it’s really important. When you visit a blog and you like what they have to say, the next thing you look for is a collection of all their best posts. You do this because you want more! Popular post widgets make it easy to display those posts.

On IncomeDiary, my popular posts section is custom coded and is not a plugin. On my other site, I use Woothemes and a widget they offer with their themes, allows you to display popular posts. I love that feature! Yet again, another company, going the distance with what they offer their customers.

9. I Have a Great Combination of WordPress Plugins

It’s amazing the difference a bunch of WordPress plugins can do. You can see 20 WordPress Plugins I recommend, by click here.

10. My Site Is Optimized For Search Engines

Traffic is everything, without it, what we do would be pointless. Thanks to my buddy David, we have been able to implement all of his search engine optimization tips to get my site to rank highly in Google, which has meant a 200% increase in search engine traffic, that means I get over a thousand more visitors a day.

Click here to see the blueprint we followed to get my site to rank well.

11. I Publish Great Content

Everyone when they start, they are more concerned about how their site looks. The first thing you need to think about is CONTENT! That’s why people are going to visit your website. Focus all your time on great content, that will bring traffic and then once your sites getting a decent amount of traffic, focus on making money from those visitors.

Don’t make the mistake most people make, don’t focus on monetization at the beginning. People who do that seem to only ever focus on the money and that really comes across in their content. Blog for the love of the subject, that first. The money comes naturally.

Hope you enjoy this article. Let me know what things you think you can implement after reading this post!


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